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Worlds first NFT collection where each NFT symbolizes someone’s personality in the world we live in. You might even find some of these traits in people you know. Each NFT comes with absolute unique rarity just like the millions of personalities all over the world. With over 180 different traits and the possibility of over 360 million different combinations this NFT collection is truly unique.

Pastel Cronies are a collection of 10,055 NFTs that are made up of over 180 different traits, joyful colors, face expressions and many rare characters designed by the Pastel Cronies team. The collection also includes 100 high value 1 of 1 super rare NFTs (Alphas), these alphas will be included during the NFT drop. The collection is published on the Ethereum ERC-721A Non-Fungible Token standard. ERC-721A is a low gas smart contract.

Why do I want a Pastel Crony?
The main utility of this NFT collection is to raise funds for the SPCA. They prevent cruelty, promote kindness and alleviate the suffering of animals. Owning a valued Pastel Crony also automatically enrolls you in the monthly prize draw, a portion of the Pastel Crony fund interest will be paid out to a lucky winner(s) monthly in ETH. When buying any NFT you will also have investing in mind, NFTs hold a certain value that can grow over time and can be sold for a profit.


Phase 1 (February – April 2022):

-Start creating project roadmap

-Creating Pastel Cronies artwork

-Upload artwork and metadata to IPFS cloud storage

-Publish Pastel Cronies smart contract on the blockchain

-Verify contract and owner on etherscan.io


Phase 2 (April – May 2022):

-Acquire domain name and start creating website

-Start creating minting dapp

-Create Twitter account and get 1000 followers

-Create Discord server start inviting members

-List Pastel Cronies on NFT Calendar


Phase 3 (April – May 2022):

-Finish creating a website and minting dapp

-Grow Discord server further

-Start Twitter marketing through tweet promotion

-Launch the Free mint on Twitter and Discord


Phase 4 (June 2022):

-Finalize roadmap and share with community

-Recruit community members for marketing on Twitter & Discord

-Launch YouTube marketing

-Get to 2000+ Twitter followers and grow Discord further

-Discontinue Free mint – Enable Public mint

-Update website and minting dapp for public sale


Phase 5 (July 2022):

-Continue with Twitter and Discord marketing

-Start donation to SPCA from royalties

-Monthly prizes to random NFT holders when floor price > 0.1 ETH